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From: Brian G. Johnson
Subject: The New Commission Ritual

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you've been waiting for undeniable proof that you can achieve real wealth online, then spending the next few minutes reading this page is going to make you a believer.

Here's why: My name is Brian G. Johnson and I'm going to show you an amazing discovery I made recently...

This discovery skyrocketed me into the top tier of affiliate marketers and has earned me as much as $26,498.50 over 5 days - for doing less than 4 hours of work.

This was no fluke.

Each time the methods I discovered (I call them "rituals") are applied to any simple web site... that site rises straight to the top of Google, MSN or Yahoo, and provides me and my family with a steady stream of autopilot income.

“How fast would your business grow if you could wield that kind of power over the search engines?”

And these secret methods aren't only working wonders for me...

The few marketers I've shared these brand new methods with have been blown away by the flood of free traffic and massive commissions they produced - often with sites they had considered a "lost cause."


“$988 in less than 6 hours!”

From: David James

Hey Brian,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am promoting a new affiliate program and made $988 less than 6 hours!

I built a webpage really quick using your ritual formula, added some videos to the internet, and BAM! Anyways, just wanted to let you know my progress since last time we talked...

david james

Thanks man!
David James


Now it's your turn.

And It makes no difference if you've been struggling to make money online a few weeks... six months... or 10 years...

No difference how many times have you've put your faith into a guru affiliate system that only left you more confused... and...

No difference how many free reports, insider tactics and marketing "toolkits" are sitting on your computer's digital death row right now.

Make today the last time you ever...

Blame Yourself

...for not making money online.

Because just seconds from now, the exact step-by-step wealth-getting process you've been missing will be yours... and your dream of leaving behind your soul-crushing hourly hell job for the ultimate Internet lifestyle will become a reality.

But first, let's cut through all the BS and get to the heart of the matter:

Here's the deal: Every day you read about other marketers making boatloads of money... and how easy it is for them... but you just can't make it happen with your own campaigns.

Why do you think that is?

Can all your false starts and fading dreams really be blamed on evil marketing gurus selling you faulty systems (as some would have you believe)...

...or is the bigger problem your inability to take action?

If you're like I once was, it's a little of both.

See, while there are some decent systems out there for making money as an affiliate marketer, I know now that most of them conveniently leave out the really important stuff.

Like how to...

Drive hordes of traffic to your websites - and build your list - without handing all your profits right back to AdWords...
Target stealth keywords and seed top search ranking in any niche market online...
Partner with Google so they gladly send high-quality, FREE traffic to your sites -- instead of fearing the dreaded sandbox that stops your profits cold!
Create free websites and "link load" them to automatically earn cash for you 24/7...

Unless you know these tricks...

“You're not seeing the whole picture...”

...and without it, your path to success is riddled with black holes that will suck you in and spit you out further away from where you started.

And yes...that part is by design. Believe it...

“There Are Marketers Who Stand To
Sabotage Your Efforts...”

You may have been victim to them already. If you doubt that, then you're in for a serious reality check.

I'm not saying this to be cocky. I spent years suffering through the same aggravation you're feeling right now:

Being stuck on the sidelines knowing you should be in the game...

Buying into the hype only to get burned again...

Making small gains - only to lose even more in the end.

Things finally turned around for me the minute I realized that no one was going to hand me a magic bullet... no matter how much I paid them.

The simple truth is... you can shortcut a few things... but if you want to make real money, and increase your cash flow steadily and significantly...

You've got to forget everything you thought you knew about making money online... and put the complete money-getting ritual to work for you.

It isn't difficult.

In fact, once you put the ritual process into place it becomes automatic. Just like driving a car... you'll do it without thinking.

“The Key Is Discovering The Secret Ritual That Puts
Real Money In Your Pocket—Every Time You Use It.”

It's not just about delivering free high-quality traffic, or building a loyal list of followers, but every single step... from "where do I begin?" all the way to "how should I spend all this money?"

Look, I'm not going to waste your time with hyped-up adventure stories about chance meetings with shadowy figures who expose secrets to stealing better Google rankings...

Those letters are fun to read, but it's not my style.

My goal is to help you see clearly - for the first time, maybe- how truly simple it is to make serious money with websites.

And you can do this, even if:

You've never built a website before... No matter how techno-phobic you think you are... I promise I was worse! The sites I'll show you are easier to put together than Lego's. And you can get started on a shoe-string budget.
Your funds are limited... The Ritual system works whether you've got an unlimited marketing budget or can barley afford a new pair of sneakers. I got started for pennies on the dollar and you can too, as long as you can make an investment in yourself.
You think you don't have the time... If you're determined to fire your boss and start down the path to true freedom, all you need is about 16 hours a week to begin collecting significant money.

You've tried everything and gotten nowhere... I'm laying it all out for you on this very page with no hype, no tricks and no nonsense so you'll have no doubt that this system will work for you!

So, now that we're on the same page...

Let's get to the good news...

“Here's How You Start Winning The
Internet Money Game Right Now!”

If you'll do nothing more than continue reading this page and follow along with my step-by-step videos, then their is no reason that 4 weeks from today ...

...using less hours and energy than a part-time job scooping French fries...

...you can earn at least $4,000!

(And that's following just one method, I'm also including additional rituals for totally unlimited earnings!)

No matter how clueless or savvy you are about earning cash online, these easy to perform and insanely profitable rituals can blast your search page rankings and spike your commissions as easy as saying "Abra ca-dabra."

If that sounds like more of the hype you read from other marketers, stick around and see the magic happen with your own eyes.

Here's the story: 7 years ago I walked away from a successful career as head chef in some of the finest restaurants in America.

top chef
Yours truly as "Hot Chef of the Month" in Top Tastes eZine

I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen, but the constant pressure of running a kitchen was driving me towards an early grave.

You think TV chefs are nasty? I was dealing with guys that made Gordon Ramsey look like Rachel Ray.

I knew that true success meant getting excited about going to work every day. Instead I was dreading it.

But what else I could do?

I wasn't what you'd call a good student in culinary school - I barely graduated, to be honest.

And that was studying a subject I was passionate about. How hard would it be to learn something I had less interest in?

I was down to my last few dollars and feeling desperate when I stumbled upon an Internet marketing course. I didn't know much about computers. Back then I couldn't build a website if you put a gun to my head. And selling? Forget it, that's the one thing I knew I did not want to do.

But the more I read about it, the more I began to see that:

“Creating four-star meals and affiliate marketing
really aren't that different...”

Whether you're trying to fill seats in a restaurant or capture the attention of buyers on the Web, success comes down to 3 things...

1. Being prepared

2. Knowing your audience

3. Giving people what they want

So, when I decided to leave behind all the stress of high-end culinary for the laid back life of Internet Marketing, in a lot of ways the transition felt natural. But I was in for a roller coaster ride.

I've had my share of highs and lows in 7 years online. The money was out there, but grabbing my share often felt like a street hustle. The guru products perpetuate that atmosphere, too. They've mastered the art of holding steady by keeping everyone else off-balance.

You've seen it a thousand times...

“They Make Off With The Prime Cut While
The Rest Of Us Battle It Out For Table Scraps...”

Or, at least they did. Until now.

Last summer... Through a bizarre series of events, I discovered a simple process for creating legitimate top ten Google page rank for the hottest keywords behind the biggest Cproduct launches.

“This process is so easy to use, so powerful, and so consistent... it's causing a major shake-up amongst super-affiliate bigwigs who would do anything to keep it out of your hands.”

The first time I applied my formula to a major product launch, I outsold high-ranking list-mongers and sparked one of those "floods of money" you're always hearing about to fill my ClickBank account...

And it hasn't stopped yet!

Check out these JV leader board updates sent from Alex Goad during his recent Google Conquest launch:

Google Conquest Launch:

I spent a couple of days setting my Product Launch Ritual into motion one week before Alex's launch date... and easily took top position on Google:

As you can see, top Google ranking landed me in the top ten affiliate battle from the start...

Even I was a surprised to see that high ranking so early on, but as the launch went one, the sales kept pouring in, and I kept rising up the ranks...

Until the final day when I passed the legendary Chris X, and was on the heels of affiliate giant Michael Cheney...

$26,498.50 In Affiliate Commissions
Over A Five Day Period

It took all of 6 hours to build the site, and $7 to secure the domain name... then all I did was sit back and watch my affiliate account light up like Michael Phelps at a reggae concert.

Think this was a one-shot deal
where luck was on my side?

Think again...

Here's how I continued my assault on super-affiliates and took 8th overall in the ClickBank Inner Circle launch...

ClickBank Inner Circle Launch:

Another 4 hours applying the Commission Ritual creates those coveted indented listings practically on demand...

What does an indented listing mean for you? It means opening your ClickBank account to a slew of new commissions!

And once again shocking the old guard out of their skirts...



And It Just Keep's Getting Better ...

Commission Ritual Allows You To Drive Free Traffic, Convert Like Crazy All While Building A Highly Responsive List of Buyers Without Spending A Dime

After applying my Product Launch Ritual you will have built a list of highly responsive buyers, cashed in big time and may even wind up as the number one affiliate or JV partner (a term the guru's like to use).

That is what happened after I applied my Ritual Marketing Strategies for several months and I landed grabbed the number one JV position when Craig Beckta launched his Secret Cash Blueprint course.

“No Matter What You Know Or Who You Follow,
 The Ritual Is Critical To Your Success Online...”

You may think you know all there is to know about scoring first page rank with Google, I promise (and back it with my own money)...you don't know the Ritual.

And I've only just begun to show you the awesome power of the Commission Ritual. Everyone is claiming a "recession proof" product these days. But who else is showing you this kind of proof?

As you read on, you'll see even more startling evidence that despite the shaky economy, my websites continue to...

“...Outsell, Outrank, And Outshine Even The Most
Righteous Super-Affiliate Websites Out There.”

And when I got started ...I pulled it off with NO LIST and NO NAME!

Here's the coolest part...

This amazing formula is not just for Internet marketing product launches.

It works its magic on ANY website, in any niche market online. And I'm about to share my recipe for pumping out sites in just a few hours that go to work earning you the best kind of money there is -- passive income!

That means you build a free site, launch it, and watch the money roll in. And I'm not talking about mere pennies in AdSense. I'm talking about significant cash coming at you from more affiliate cash funnels than you can remember creating.

My Favorite Moment Each Day Is Walking To The Mailbox To See How Much Money Is There Waiting For Me!

If you're truly ready to finally stop planning to make a bunch of money online and actually start doing it, then I'm willing to reveal my incredible discovery to you.

I promise you've never seen anything like this before - and it will be the easiest method you've ever used for making hordes of cash from your computer.

Sound good?

OK, let's get to it.

Now, we all agree that no matter how you go about making money online...

...whether you're selling or promoting a product, running AdSense, or even blogging for dollars...

...your ability to rake in the big bucks depends on your ability to do one thing:

Drive Low-Cost, High-Quality Traffic
To Your Websites & Convert Your Traffic Into Sales!

Yes, I know you've heard that before... but have you discovered how to unlock the doors that release hordes of free traffic to your website?

Can you guarantee yourself #1 page listings on high-earning Google search terms?

Do you know how to create an indented search engine listing - and what that means for your ranking?

Do you know the simple secret for dominating a product launch and pulling more commissions than veteran IM superstars?

Do you know how to target phrases that people will be searching for in the future - with absolute certainty - as if seeing Google through a crystal ball?

Can you convert traffic at rates above 10% - almost effortlessly?

If not, then your journey to affiliate riches will be unnecessarily long and frustrating. I know because I took that journey for over 6 years. But, as you saw in the proof above, that all changed in an instant when I discovered the Commission Ritual.

“Imagine blasting your way to the top of ANY search engine as effortlessly as if a magic genie were telling you the hottest keywords to target weeks in advance.”

What kind of money could you rake in with that level of foresight?

Well, this is as close as it gets to magic.

And I have to tell you:

The Money Is Amazing!

It's important for you to know that before discovering this method, I was an average affiliate at best.

That means I posses no hidden advantage in listing my sites at the very top of search engines and out-earning super-affiliates on command.

In fact, I'm about the least qualified person to strike Internet gold you'll ever meet...

I'm lousy with technology, I hate writing, my grammar and spelling are plain terrible. In fact often times my subscribers like to correct my grammar, and when it comes to selling, I'm not exactly Zig Ziglar.

So how do I get away with it?

The answer is the ritual... and it starts with what I call:

The Power Of FOURS!

Read carefully: This is the accidental discovery that created pandemonium inside elite Internet marketing circles and shot me up the ladder of top affiliate earners almost overnight...

It happen last summer while I was watching ESPN, hoping to see highlights of a cycling tour running through Spain. (I'm passionate about competitive cycling and follow the Tours closely.)

The announcer kept promising that cycling highlights were "coming up next," but instead I was bombarded with more news surrounding NFL quarterback Brett Favre's retirement/unretirement drama.

This ridiculous saga went on for hours and escalated into a mild form of torture. I was literally...

Being Held Hostage By Brett Freakin' Favre!

I got so bored with it that I started to wonder why Favre wears the number 4. No one else I could think of in football ever wore #4 on their jersey.

I flipped on my laptop and started searching.

Two hours and countless Wikipedia pages later...

I had accidentally discovered the secret to conquering Google and creating massive affiliate commissions!

Turns out there is nothing interesting about why Favre wore #4 (he wanted #10, it was taken, so he took 4 instead. Borrring.)...

But, what I learned about the mysterious power of the number "4" may have a lot to do with why Favre achieved legendary status (and legendary paychecks) during his long career.

Let me explain:

Consider how many critical components of our lives happen in four parts.

There are ...

4 seasons in a year (winter, spring, summer and fall)...

4 points on a compass (north, south, east and west)...

4 main elements (earth, fire, air, water)... and...

4 phases of the moon (new, 1st qrtr, full, 3rd qrtr).

Pretty significant, but stick with me because here's where it gets downright freaky...

Have you ever caught yourself tapping your foot
along with a song you didn't notice hearing?

Do you know why that happens?

It happens because your subconscious mind hears music even when you aren't paying attention to it.

But the remarkable part is... your foot will only tap subconsciously like this when the song is in a certain time measure called: 4/4 time

4/4 time is most common in rock, blues, hip hop and country music...

And after the first 4 beats, your brain recognizes the pattern and instinct takes over. This reaction is so strong that you have to command your brain to stop if you want your foot to quit tapping. (Like when a hot girl across the room catches you inadvertently rocking out to The Jonas Brothers!)

No other musical time measure inspires the same instinctively hypnotic reaction. Which is why almost all the best selling music is driven by the 4/4 time measure.

That's right...

The Human Brain Is Spellbound By
Any Stimulus In A Pattern Of 4!

Scientists can't decide exactly why our brains are enchanted with things that happen in fours, but they all agree that 4 is the algorithm that causes our brains to react strongest - whether we want it to or not!

So How Will The “Power Of Fours” Help You Unload
Buckets Of Cash Into Your Accounts?

I promise to explain every detail inside the instant download videos you can access at the bottom of this page...

Right now let's focus on proven results. You've seen the level of devastation the Ritual caused on some recent IM product launches...

But... Dominating ClickBank Is Only
The Icing On Your Cake...

...The Big Bucks Come From Passive Income Sites That Funnel Money To You On Pure Autopilot!

I call this the Future Search Ritual and it practically eliminates competition - even in the most lucritive niche markets - by targeting keywords and phrases that people will be searching for in the near future.

Remember that "magic genie" we talked about? This is how you set her free on your passive money campaigns and create more new funnels of cash that you ever thought possible.

The first site I tested the Ritual on was an affiliate site for Halloween costumes and instantly nabbed a #2 Google ranking...

Future Search Ritual:


The final result was more than 111, 000 unique visitors to a costume website. I sold a boat load of Halloween costumes and also generated some nice income that month with AdSense.

$8,250.35 With AdSense In Sep / October...
That’s Real Autopilot Income!

Next I set the Ritual loose on one of the most competitive niches online: American Idol!

Remember, I used the "Future Search Ritual" to predict the keywords and phrases weeks in advance.

I don't have to tell you that trafic=money... and here's the real beauty of these free sites I'll teach you to build...

Comments Mean FREE Content
That The Search Engines Love!

The more the better... And I'll show you the magic phrases send your visitors into a commenting FRENZY!

Massive Traffic, Rabid Fans, And Free Content...
That's Winning The Passive Income Triple Crown!

But hold on... I'm not finished yet...

There are some keyword categories that are so dominated by major corporate players that you just don't bother with them, right?

Not anymore!

How about a niche even more competitive than
the biggest show in television history?

Like, domain parking...

Sharing Rare Air With Wikipedia and Google For the Mega-Lucrative “Domain Parking” Niche...

Number 4 out of over 6 million listings!

Remember, less than a year ago I was just putzing along making barely enough to justify my time. If I hadn't been so annoyed with Brett Favre that day, I might still be stuck there, too.

It's like I always say:

“People do not fail in internet marketing ...
They simply give up before the magic happens.”

You have to follow your instincts. That inner voice that lets you know it's time to put hesitation aside and follow through.

It was that voice that lead me to the true secret of the Ritual...

And it is this: while the site ranking algorithms used by search engines are not human—the people who create them are...

So it's only natural that they use the pattern of 4s in programming the algorithms that determine your search rank.

That means...

“The Ritual Scores You Top Ranking By Speaking To
The Google Goddess In Her Native Tongue...

...No Other System Even Knows The Language! ”

Because I was able to dominate search terms on pre-existing niche websites... there was no doubt the ritual would perform like magic when applied to keywords prior to a product launch (I'll show you exactly how to snatch those keywords in the system)...

But even I didn't expect to make $26,498.50 in a single week!

And Commission Ritual isn't just working it's magic on me, check out the response from other marketers who've performed it as well:


“produce results quickly and ... consistently”

From: Brooks Van Norman on January 26th, 2009

“Without Brian’s methods I would not have been able to produce results quickly and more importantly, consistently. If you are interested in learning how to do internet marketing the right way, with long term results, I strongly recommend his materials – they are worth many times the price.”

Brooks Van Norman
Kelowna, BC Canada




“Number One On Yahoo”

From: Joe Willson on November 11th, 2008


I want to thank you and to tell you that we used many of your lessons and had our best month yet over October!!

We were number one on Yahoo search for a bit for the term "Used Halloween Costumes"... We were seeing about 200-300 uniques a day... So thank you!

Now, other things... Chris Freville is about to launch Click Bank Inner Circle and you are kickin' it AGAIN!! You are number one on google for the term "Click Bank inner circle" with a double indented listing!!! That rock man! You are going to kill it for Chris. I wish you the best of luck with the launch.

And again thanks for everything you have done for my business. You are a great mentor and an inspiration.

Take care,


Joe Willson



What a feeling to finally "get it" and refresh your accounts to watch your commission totals jump up a few thousand dollars every time!

It's the proud moment you know you'll never fear going broke again because you've finally cracked the code.

After that, there's no way to lose, and no limit to how much you can earn. The sky really is the limit.

Now I want you to feel it, too.


Commission Ritual


I've laid out my entire ritual for creating unstoppable floods of cash to spill into your ClickBank account...

Plus every secret for setting up stupid-simple sites that auto-deliver commission checks to your mailbox like clockwork!

You'll discover...

The step-by-step ritual that sends your failed marketing plan up in smoke and replaces it with a proven super-affiliate action plan!

How to out-rank, out-sell and out-shine the gurus at their own game... It's not just possible, it's really easy when you know how!

The secret strategies for finding high-paying affiliate products before anyone else even knows they exist!
The sneakiest and most powerful ritual methodds to set up your affiliate links for the highest possible clickthru rate and massive affiliate profits!

If you're wondering why I decided to make my discovery available instead of keeping it all to myself? The answer is simple...

I've always lived by the philosophy that says: The more you give the more you get. So, I've held nothing back in creating this system.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I always over-deliver.

Commission Ritual is not just about making a few thousand bucks and quitting your job...

That's Only The Beginning...

This system is designed to take anyone from total know-nothing, to super-affiliate, to marketing god and wherever else you want to go.. but every great journey starts with a single step.

That's why I've made it embarrassingly easy to start making money in 4 weeks or less. In fact, I'm even offering a “no questions” money-back guarantee for 60 full days!

That gives you plenty of time to perform 2 cash-producing rituals before you decide to keep the system.

If commission Ritual doesn't do everything I promise, just say so and I'll quickly refund your payment with no questions asked. The system is yours to keep.

Does that put me at risk? Sure it does. But like I said, I make it a habit to over-deliver, so I can afford to be confident in your success. The only question is...

“Are You Ready To Finally Live
The Ultimate Internet Lifestyle?”

And if you're already making some money online, great! You'll multiply your income many times over with Commission Ritual...

You may think you know most this stuff, but I promise, Commission Ritual is unlike other systems you've ever seen or tried.

While the other guys are constantly re-inventing new methods for gaming Google that work for a week or two... the ritual taps into the core of search engine algorithms.

And remember...

“Google Cannot Slap What It Does Not See!”

So, no matter how well you think your campaigns are running now, without Commission Ritual you'll be scrambling to catch up with even the greenest beginners unless you get on board, too.

Want to ensure your place atop of the SEO food chain? You're as good as there, once you discover:


My Ritual Ranking System: Your free secret weapon for spotting target keyword phrases no one else would think to use. (If you think you know this already, get ready for a big surprise!)
Why seasons effect your marketing as much as they do the weather outside your door. (This is a key factor that goes far beyond simple holiday promotions.)
The exact number of competing web pages that instantly shifts a niche market from "hungry" to "over-fed." (And how to avoid getting swallowed up by vultures!)
My Ranking Ritual Formula: The simple nine point check list you can begin using right away to push your sites into the top ten of Google at will.

One more huge advantage to commission ritual is that you never have to rely on hyped-up, over-the-top web copy to sell your products.

“While Others Waste Traffic Trying To Sell By FORCE...
You'll Earn More (And Build A Loyal Following)
By Using The FOURS!”

These newcomers are quietly raking it in, and so will you...


“I have not been able to make any
money until now.”

From: Scott Bradley on November 11th, 2008


I have purchased every different program I can think of. I have not been able to make any money until now. Or at least until I viewed the first 10 of your videos. You see, even though I have purchased about 30 or so different site names and tried everything I knew to do, I didn't know how to make a word press page and was wasting a lot of money on PPC. When I say a lot, I mean in the tens of thousands.

Along comes your site, I downloaded all of the videos and for the first time, it is making sense to me. I hope that other folks like me find out about your program and purchase it. If they don't, they are well to put it bluntly just like Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as Stupid does".

Hoping You Have A Very Successful Day,

Scott Bradley




“...you have ended my struggle”

From: Ken Acton on September 11, 2008

Hi Brian,

As a relative newbie to internet marketing, building websites, and wordpress, I have been overwhelmed by all the information available. It really is very difficult for the newcomer to see the wood for the trees and actually get started.

However, you have laid it all out step by step and made it really easy. I am now confident that I can get a well optimized site online quickly and effectively that will grow from strength to strength over the long term. I know that there is a lot more to learn but you have ended my struggle and given me a great foundation. Very exciting!

Thank you!

Ken Acton



Here's just a taste of the cash-producing magic waiting inside your Commission Ritual instant download:

Commission Ritual

It all begins with...

The Complete Step-By-Step Ritual
 For Accelerated Affiliate Success!

Now you have the entire ritual process that not only saves you from huge mistakes...

But the proven commission pumping ritual that has you dominating the search engines and outselling elite super-affiliates on every launch...

Flood your sites with free targeted traffic while your competition slogs it out in the AdWords bidding battle!

You're also getting additional cash-producing methods you cannot get anywhere else. Including:

The eBay Ritual...

The Market Health Site Ritual...

The Product Launch Ritual...

Seriously... you've never seen anything like this!

Hate reading? Just skim the book then...

There's no easier way to learn than kicking back and watching these easy-follow videos...

The Instant Training Video Series!

Grab a seat and
discover the secret rituals that build your fortune with affiliate marketing.

These easy-to-follow videos cut your learning by half, so you can begin executing and collecting twice as fast as you would with other systems.

Once you watch and duplicate the methods I walk you through in the instant training videos, success is automatic!

Each high-res screen capture video teaches you a brand new method for taking your affiliate game to new heights. Stuff you will not get anywhere else.

And to make sure you never get lost or sidetracked...

The Commission Ritual Desktop Reference!

It's a fact: Lack of direction is the #1 killer of good intentions. Now you'll never wonder about your next move again!

With this handy guide in reach you'll always know exactly which cash-generating tactic to implement.

Every page is packed with the simple steps for ensuring your affiliate masterplan moves along like a freight train full of moolah.

I'm not leaving your success to chance! I promised to guide you every step of the way and I meant it!

“All This ls Going To Cost A Fortune, Right?”

I understand why you'd think so, but you're wrong. I'll tell you the price. But first let me tell you what it's not going to cost...

With Commission Ritual, gone are the days of jumping on every hyped-up affiliate action plan hoping against logic that it's finally “the one” to make you piles of cash.

When I first started out, I spent up to half of my total income on info-products just to learn affiliate marketing. And in the end it lead me nowhere. I had to forget it all and start over.

I know marketers who spend $10,000 per year on info-products - and still never seem to get anywhere.

“Don't Become Another ‘Eternal Beginner’
Who Buys Everything And Earns Nothing!”

I designed this system to take you by the hand and not let go until you are earning real money. Not just learning tactics... but earning money.

That's the only outcome we will accept.

You've seen my promise: 4 Hours-A-Day, 4 Days-A-Week, for 4 Weeks to earn $4,000.

That's what the Ritual is designed to do - and it regularly does much more for me and others using it right now.

Remember, what you're getting is everything you need to quickly, simply and easily get started... and keep soaring skyward with your affiliate business.

The plan that took me nearly a year to put together... The content-packed e-book... Over 90 training videos... the quick-start guide and more.

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The course covers multiple online money-making methods from seasonal events and niches, to selling vintage items with eBay and cashing in big time promoting ClickBank products.

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